Nanotechnologies invasion of the human brain-Människan som försöksdjur-vi synar nanoteknologin!


MIND TECH established to counter the ethical anarchy existing nanotechnologies invasion of the human brain (brain – computer integration), and hush-hush thinking around experiments with human sacrifice:

Our mission

This is a non profit organisation that has been established to create an awareness of cybernetic technology and electronic abuse, such as illegal data collection and manipulation of humans via brain – machine – interface.

How do we protect people that by utilitarian grounds, without informed consent, are used for brain studies with brain-computer-interface and illegal data collecting?

There is no law that protect humans, neither any medical support for them, in such situations. The situation is created by the fact that scientists do not leave any information about illegal mind reading technologies. They just keep on progressing in their neuroscience.

In our view there is an ongoing global criminal and unethical race between research companies to reverse engineer/clone the human brain. Scientists need to collect data from living human brains for several years.

It is now possible to clone select parts of the human brain function in a remote computer via an electronic interface.

Scientists use advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence)software for identification of patterns and for intelligent feedback of machine-made queries.

Since at least 2005 several new cases have emerged of human brains and nervous systems illegally “hijacked” with cybernetic technology.

Brain and nervous systems are remotely monitored 24/7. The “hijacked” brains serve self-learning computer software contributing to a future full scale computer model of the brain.

This provides a basis for the emergence of a neuroscientific model of human consciousness.

It may shed light on the age-old debate on free will and universal morality as the cerebral patterns corresponding to these concepts are found.

There is no established legal protection for the human subject when researchers use cybernetic technology to reverse engineer the human brain.

The progressing neuroscience using brain-machine-interface will one day enable those in power to push the human mind wide open for inspection.

There is call for alarm. What kind of privacy safeguard is needed if remote computers can read your thoughts?

In recent decades new areas of research involving nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and neuroscience have emerged, resulting in, as yet, unknown products and services.

We are facing an era of synthetic telepathy, with brain-computer-interface and communication technology based on thoughts, not speech.

An appropriate albeit alarming question is: “Do you accept being enmeshed in a computer network and turned into a multimedia module”? If so, authorities will be able to collect information directly from your brain, without your consent.

This kind of research in bioelectronics has been progressing for half a century.

Cybernetic technology can be used to read our minds and to manipulate our sensory perception, i.e. mimic the sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

An appropriate term is Infobionic and it poses complex challenges for legislation, concerning integrity, autonomy and identity.

Connecting computers to the brain offers potentially great benefits apart from the aspects covered here.

Bioethical responsibility is more important here than ever. It is a complex area and the limitation of ruthless profiteering is necessary.

The global finance elite can easily redirect investments and move companies. Any control and regulation of specific areas of research such as those here considered should preferably have global range.

Technology is available for recording select parts of one individual mind (source) and for uploading the content of that mind in another subject (=the ‘clone’).

Several human guinea pigs are already connected in this manner. The memories, emotions, and knowledge originating in the clones source are available to several actual involuntary human subjects.

Genetic computer algorithms are used for collecting data and develop strong humanlike artificial intelligence. Robots equipped with strong artificial intelligence will be a threat to the human race unless rules are enacted to protect the humans and society against robots.

Multiple biosensors and data collecting can adapt to any persons preferences.

Who is in control of the personal data collected by the bioelectronic sensors and who has access to it? A private entrepreneur? A principal? A university? An operator? A hacker?

Bioelectronic technology may be used for surveillance thus interfering with privacy.

As long as the government denies the existence of these technologies, society, doctors, hospitals police force and prosecutors are unable to protect its citizens.

We must distinguish between good, ethically acceptable research and bad damaging research.

Why isn’t there any public ethical debate in Sweden concerning this science and its applications?

For many years several Swedish professors have been aware of the implications, and called for ethical debates regarding these new and emerging technologies.

Our mission is to inform about these new technologies and to inspire a relevant public debate regarding these issues.

We are also cooperating with media and many other organizations in Europe.

It is our intention to keep you updated about emerging technology and its future impact on your integrity autonomy and identity.

Read more about ICT – implants at the European Group on Ethics and New Technologies with the Swedish Professor Goran Hermerén as chairman !!

Terminology used in the document:
Cybernetic technology, technology communicating with or substituting brain function,
Bioelectronics: electronic technology connected with nerves

This is intrusive, unethical, therefore, must we seek for a debate and political intervention: to engage in mind control. Scientists find continuously new, increasingly sophisticated methods to remotely execute imaging methodology for communicating with the brain. Computer technology will lead to artificial copies of our human brain. Of course there is also a good side: The data could affect mental illness and much more.

Therefore, throughout this borderland, and gray, lawless zones reflected and put under public control.

Human neural network is melting more and more together with digital technology.

No one knows what these new technologies will result.
Why there is in Sweden ethical debates and laws on the subject?
Well, for research in Sweden, europe is currently alone possesses the knowledge of distance communication with the brain.

An ethical debate and subsequent laws would lead to a moratorium on further research.Currently, research is allowed unimpeded run.

In cooperation with the media seem to MIND TECH for an open debate on the subject.

Magnus Olsson



Tel: 0709 26 30 04


E-Mail: [email protected]

MIND TECH upprättas för att motverka etisk anarki gällande nanoteknologins intrång i den mänskliga hjärnan (hjärna – datorintegration) samt hysch-hyschande kring experiment med mänskliga offer:

Detta är integritetskränkande, oetiskt , därför skall vi här söka få till en debatt och politiskt ingripande: att idka hjärnkontroll. Forskarna finner kontinuerligt nya, allt mer sofistikerade metoder för att på distans köra avbildnings metodiker för kommunikationen med hjärnan. Datatekniken leder till artificiella kopior av vår mänskliga hjärna. Givetvis finns där också en sund sida: Att med data kunna påverka psykisk ohälsa och mycket mer.

Därför måste hela detta gränsland och gråa, laglösa zoner avspeglas och sättas under offentlighetens kontroll.

Människans neurala nätverk smälter mer och mer samman med digital teknik.

Ingen vet vad dessa nya teknologier kommer att leda till.

Varför saknas det i Sverige etiska debatter och lagar i ämnet?

Jo, för att forskningen i Sverigeoch europa för närvarande ensamma besitter kunskapen om distanskommunikation med hjärnan.

En etisk debatt och efterföljande lagar skulle leda till ett stopp för vidare forskning. I nuläget tillåts forskningen obehindrat pågå.

I samarbete med media verkar MIND TECH för en öppen debatt i ämnet.

Magnus Olsson


Tel: 0709 26 30 04


E-Post: [email protected]

About Magnus Contact:

Director for Mindtech Sweden
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One Response to Nanotechnologies invasion of the human brain-Människan som försöksdjur-vi synar nanoteknologin!

  1. Josef Boberg says:

    Lovvärt initiativ, verkligen…

    REPRESENTATIV DEMOKRATI [= …att auktoritativt och legitimt utöva kontroll… (video 8 min)] = FolkStyredet är frågan – som en 94 år LivsErfaren person – ger uttryck för en hel del KRISTALLKLARA sanningar om HÄR (video ca 11 min). Om hur dödsbringande illa ställt det ÄR i Sverige i dags dato på individnivå HÄR och HÄR.

    Så hur troligt är det att det blir ett “genomslag” för just det här med – “Människan som försöksdjur-vi synar nanoteknologin!” – när det finns så hart när “oändligt” mycket med annat som dagligdags åt hållet ödelägger wåra liv ❓ – undrar Josef B.