Medtronic implant

Medtronic’s implantable OCD treatment okayed by FDA

by Darren Murph, posted Feb 24th 2009 at 2:25AM

Looks like those brain pacemaker researchers are a bit late on this one, as folks at Medtronic are apt to get the jump on advanced OCD treatment given a recent FDA approval of their device. Hailed as the first implantable device “designed to deliver electrical therapy to the brain to suppress symptoms associated with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder,” the Reclaim DBS (deep brain stimulation) Therapy was said to be able to treat OCD patients in cases where drugs and psychotherapy failed. Understandably, Medtronic is doing everything it can to get the product out by the middle of this year, and following up on its good fortune, it also proclaimed that it had started up a randomized clinical trial of DBS for treatment-resistant depression. There’s no mention of an expected price, but apparently only 4,000 or so will be needed each year.

2 Responses to Medtronic implant

  1. Joe Boston USA says:

    Does it matter that human microchipping is a violation of at least nineteen of the United Nations – Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Well it seems that Wall Street does not answer to the moral and ethic construct…

  2. Brett USA says:

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    Are you aware of Intel’s brain chip within 10 years for the consumer.

    Standing together for human rights,