– Misused weapon Technology, Psychology, and Harassment melt into No Touch Torture, Cyber Torture. Investigation by United Nations Expert on Torture.

The United Nations has one courageous expert who is on the trail of several weaknesses in our global law enforcement system. These legal and investigative loopholes allow systematic harassment of our citizens.

Such harassment inflicts loss of livelihood, loss of social circle, and loss of well being on good people. All to satisfy the “Criminal Minds”.

According to a recent report by Mr. Nils Melzer, and as discussed at a 2/28/20 proceeding at the United Nations, the practice can misuse medical implants, neurotechnological devices, weaponized psychology, and mobbing – all to achieve the utter destruction of any one individual. We cite from Mr. Melzer’s report below, to aid and support people who are going through these challenges

How are these crimes being committed ?

Well for one thing, the expert finds these practices not limited to rogue states, but are rather easily wielded by:

“corporate actors and organized criminals”

That means it can be done for revenge, profit, or sadist entertainment. These practices cause financial ruin and isolation by:

“intimidation, harassment, surveillance, public shaming and defamation, as well as appropriation, deletion or manipulation of information.”

The resulting powerlessness and silence are easily enforced by the use of:

TORTURE, “mobbing, cyber-bullying, and state-sponsored persecution depriving victims of any possibility to effectively resist or escape their abuse”

Finally, the misuse of high tech devices, allows severe mental suffering to be remotely inflicted:

Medical implants and, conceivably, nano- or neurotechnological devices.”

The practices are not complicated, rely on various human weaknesses, and clearly thrive in authoritarian times. His presentations in a serious and severe manner warns of mobbing, ‘threats, intimidation,‘ and ‘inducing phobias,’ or ‘inducing anxiety’ all of which cause to people be unable to work, and frightens them away from help. The result is devastating.

The report ends with the following paragraph:

“Challenges of new technologies: In order to ensure the adequate implementation of the prohibition of torture and related international legal obligations in present and future circumstances, its interpretation should evolve in line with new challenges and capabilities arising in relation to emerging technologies not only in cyber space, but also in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nano- and neurotechnology, or pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences including so-called “human enhancement”.

Sound familiar? Many people in the United States are presenting each of these situations, and many are increasingly getting our support to overcome these challenges. With your help, we reach more people every day.

Here is a video of Mr. Melzer discussing Psychological torture generally.http://webtv.un.org/search/id-sr-on-torture-12th-meeting-43rd-regular-session-human-rights-council-/6136876421001/?term=melzer&sort=date#player

The Legal Coop is also proud to present Mr. Nils Melzer’s more complete report below, which contains all the material cited above, and where he twice makes reference to “targeted individuals.” It is hot off the presses, quickly formatted into a PDF, and is therefore not final.

Most people are surprised to see anyone at the United Nations openly expressing such a complete grasp of the situation. You should know that his is very much another case of one person, standing to stem a tide. Mr. Melzer is therefore facing resistance, including the recent withdrawal of from Norway $100,000 in earmarked funding, leading to the recent loss of his investigative team.

It is hoped that the particular country engaging in such de-funding can realize the shame and infamy that would befall anyone who ignores and therefore aids and abets these vile practices.

Mr. Melzer’s Bio:

“Mr. Melzer’s expertise in torture and CIDT was forged in the field: he is a 12 year veteran of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), there serving as Delegate, Deputy Head of Delegation, and Legal Adviser in various conflict zones. He also led the University of Zürich’s Swiss Competence Center on Human Rights, and was Senior Adviser on Security Policy for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Melzer has written several books, including Targeted Killing in International Law (Oxford University Press, 2008), which was awarded a prize in International Law. He also co-authored manuals and policy guidance for the Red Cross, and NATO.

Mr. Melzer latest and perhaps greatest pursuit looks at the enemies of our freedom, and leads the charge head on. Mr. Melzer has identified the gap in International Law regarding Torture – the one that allows psychological torture – a gap being expanded by technological advances, misuse of behavioral sciences, and plain old statutory loopholes.”

Mr. Melzer’s groundbreaking report can be downloaded at the link below: n-melzer-united-nations-report-on-psychological-tortureDownload


Please visit CyberTorture the Webpage  https://cyber-torture.com/

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2 Responses to – Misused weapon Technology, Psychology, and Harassment melt into No Touch Torture, Cyber Torture. Investigation by United Nations Expert on Torture.

  1. Alessandra Tesauro says:

    Thanks a lot for all the work you do to help people and victims. Many people don’t know enough about these technologies, others don’t believe they exist. No regulation, no laws. That’s why, who uses these technologies can act like an unknown illness.

  2. Amber Smith says:

    I believe My husband and I and our children and many other people I know and care about are being harassed.Not only that but assaulted with some kind of secret weapons. I have unbelievable pain.These preps have broken into my home several times I find stuff they leave behind .i have tons of pics of the nasty stuff they smear all over my home.I do not know what kind of technology they are using but I do know the law enforcement has got to be aiding in this.I have tried reaching out to police called them 3 times emailed local sheriff dept.Filled a complaint.Even texted my local sheriff here on his personal cell phone sending pics of my 12yr old daughter face rich they claim to have been putting spider eggs on and wasp stingers in and giving her testosterone .the pic is very clear that this may be very true.i keep hearing them almost 24/7.They are accusing me of child molestation to which I have proof which I also sent Mr.mooney.the sheriff.I asked him for his help to such he never even replied back to me.These perps are destroying my life.my marriage my property.my stuff like clothes and make up and personal belongings are being damaged.They are trashing up my yard the inside of my home.They even have claimed to left a dead body in my garbage can wich smelled so bad I couldn’t even look in it.and it had maggots everywhere.They keep telling me noone cares about me.That my husband does not care about me.that hes in love with my sister.I keep hearing them just about everywhere I go .They are claiming to have gotten away with several different murders.and claiming they have been trying to kill me and my children.The things they claim are unbelievable and they have my phone tapped into so I’m not sure if the websites I have reached out to are even getting anything I sent I know they are earing my voicemails I’ve done missed Drs Apts.my husband has done lost his job because of this my phone number is 4096596531 and my address is 225 Lost Lake lane Vidor Texas 776632 if you think u may be able to help please I’m in serious need of help thank you

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