Are you a Robosapiens ???

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Those who know something about frequencies and nano-micro-wave-implant techniques already surely know what one has for possibilities to control. Through this, every computer is connected to the new “internet-elen”, so in principle all, absolutely all are in danger zone for attack.

mind control europe
BANK, POLICE, HOSPITALS anyone company, there is neither firewall.
Whatever server our “INTERNETHOUSE” has, lies in darkness.
If one then uses the modified ELF ( Extreme Low Frequency – A Artificial Brain Frequency-Implant) it is easy to get 3D pictures of every on, and listen to every conversation. Still more unpleasant is that one can easily send any frequency at all trough internet-elen, also those that influence people’s brain frequencies “implant”.
( One Remote Control for all People?)We are into the largest experiment concerning control of human behavior brainwaves that the world has ever known,. Sweden and Finland have always been field experiment countries for micro-waves implant and therefore it is only these countries that got the system first.If all goes well other countries will follow later. Germany has already tv-prog about the project.same in other Countrys.We must very quickly give out information concerning this new system so that it becomes public and all the lies are revealed. ( Newspapers; Internet; TV, etc.) Help out if you can, for it is acute and the first experiment is already underway.If we do not stop it now, then the whole world will get this system.There is a direct connection the biggest HAARP SYSTEM in the World-” LOIS in Southsweden” , FRA, Echelon and how Sweden was “rented” to NATO so that one can test these new exotic weapon systems in Norrland (North of Sweden) without control of the swedish. military. one part of Americas Patriotic Acts ( Otherwise know as the “Patriarcal Axe 1 & 2”) which obviously, automatically follows.

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NATO-America to Europe
The total control ofpeople behaviour is only the beginning.
Already 3G and the energy satelites basically one part of the new weapon system and obviously NATO plans to carry out more experiments in Europe and Swedens population.
Some weapons can only be tested “live” and on people. This year is still only a small part of the “LOIS” test plan now underway. When this system is completed then experiments on a large scale will be done.LOIS covers SWEDEN and EU is connected to 3G, energy- and satelite also the LOFAR-system in central Europe and ICECAT in north scandinavia.(LOFAR= is a HARRP System of europe,
Try to understand what we have how responsibility we have to the world.
Who is going to stop the system if we don’t do it?
Seek information, think for your self and ponder on what you find and don’t forget.

Magnus Olsson Stockholm/SWEDEN Mail: [email protected]

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  1. Eric.l says:

    Wideband Link
    The implants used by Unity to achieve group consciousness. Unlike an ordinary neurointerface it connects to most of the cerebral cortex and has a much higher bandwidth. It can send and receive signals not just of primary sensory and motor information but also higher order associations and thoughts. Since each human has an individual “mental language” sophisticated translation systems and much training is required before digital telepathy is possible. Wideband links are also used by the Net Transcendence and Next Step Foundation in their experiments with expanding the human mind. One of the most controversial and interesting applications is to let software rewrite parts of the cortex; theoretically this could be the ultimate psychodesign, even if it is currently extremely crude. Some AIs are apparently interested in using this approach to “download” themselves to physical bodies.

    Common brands: Unity Neurotechnologies Wideband Link™, BridgeTech Neocortex Interface™.

    Medial forebrain pacemaker
    An implant in the motivation and pleasure centres that is controlled by the owner’s neurocomputer. It is illegal on Nova and very addictive: users quickly become hooked on anything that activates it. It can be used together with behaviour therapy to change habits and personality, a kind of bionic psychodesign: the user links the implant to some reward evaluator (such as a monitoring AI) that rewards certain actions. The result is a strong increase in rewarded actions, which can be used to produce extreme ambition or tenacity. Unfortunately the temptations and dangers of use are huge.

  2. Morteza Sheshpari says:

    Amendment for my last post based on visual information
    Here is the reason for being targeted by these techniques.
    When I did my compulsory service in Iran Army Air Force, I revealed that revolution of Iran in 1970S was performed by some master minds in UK Intelligence service MI6. They created Ayatollahs system (leaders of Iran and its sattelite countries in the region) to control the policy of the region.
    They are indirectly ordering the government Of Iran to purchase Eastern powers military equipment to make a synthetic enemy in the region and controlling
    the policy of the region.Their agents in Iran were trying to prevent my travel to North America. From when I came to Canada several
    Years ago, agents of Iran intelligence service working with one wing of MI6 wings and some of Canadian intelligence agents interested in Iran Ayatollahs system are trying to do brain washing by inducing voice messages ( to read what I am thinking in my mind) and inducing synthetic dreams when I am sleeping to put me in a status to forget the secret.
    They also watching trough my eyes when I am awake by RV techniques during the days.
    They were planning to return me to Iran to plan my physical death. However, now they are trying to create a brain injury or cancer by electromagnetic waves through inducing scary dreams and reading my mind voice while I am thinking now.Their agents in Canada tried to prevent me to pursue my PhD studies or find a job by blocking my emails. They made some dummies using biomimetic technology and matched my central nervous system with them and they can induce touching senses when I am sleeping using those dummies.
    The technology that are using in this operation are combination of UK, Japan and Canadian technology. Their agents are located in Canada, Europe and Iran. The transformation of data is being done by collecting signals of brain nervous cells using cellular phone wireless network in the city and tensferring them to special center
    in Canada and sending them to centers in Europe and Iran and viceversa to my brain.

    The main goal of operation that was designed by one of MI6 wings was withdrawing US forces from the region and keeping power in the hand of Ayatollahs who have been created and are controlled by some of MI6 masterminds.

    Other technical information about these techniques are welcomed.

    Some information about RV- remote viewing techniques that has been revealed, can be found in this paper: