New York Times about Mind Control


From The New York Times

By Robert Naeslund 

On August 5, 1977 The New York Times published their third editorial concerning the most sensitive and serious project ever established by the C.I.A., which previous articles had disclosed. During the hot summer months of 1977 they challenged the C.I.A. in 30 disclosing articles. The last of the three editorials was entitled “Control C.I.A. Not Behavior”. Like the others, this covered the C.I.A.’s 24-year long brain project and was a strong warning of the dangers posed by mind control. They stated in the introduction: “So we must add repugnant medical experimentation to the list of horror stories emerging from the Central Intelligence Agency”, 7 pages for media Control CIAcontinued in saying it was no secret that the C.I.A. sought desperately to control human behavior. The threat wasn’t perceived as just emerging: “As early as 1957, the C.I.A.’s inspector general understood that some of the activities are considered to be professionally unethical and in some instances border on the illegal.” From 1953 a program creating mind controlled assassins existed: One objective, for example, was to program individuals so that they might do the agency’s bidding even to the point of ignoring ‘such fundamental laws of nature as self preservation. ‘We are not sufficiently schooled in ethics to know how this differs from murder’.”

In concluding, they laid bare the charge of responsibility and suggested that the Government provide every victim with both medical treatment and compensation: “The C.I.A. and the entire government must pursue every victim, for treatment and compensation…and the Congress must turn again to the stubborn question of safeguards against future perversions of what still is dignified by the label of ‘intelligence’.” Introducing safeguards has not been done because the brain project is a part of a secret U.S. political agenda, being perpetrated not only against its own population, but against those of foreign nations as well. Three days before, The New York Times had quoted a C.I.A. document saying: “Precautions must be taken, not only to protect the operation from exposure to enemy forces, but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. It would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and be detrimental to the accomplishment of C.I.A.´s mission.” The editorial ended with the claim: “Whatever formal structures are erected within Government to hold our most secret agencies accountable, there is no substitute for also holding their senior officials ethically and legally responsible as individuals for all activities…the country should be told who sanctioned such projects, and how.” Many years may have passed but the brain program is ever more extensive and expanding. It has been called the most un-American issue of our time by Senator John Glenn in 1997. He disclosed that medicines in the US contained brain chips, connecting people to the supercomputers for medical research, brain experiments, behavior modifications and mind control. This subject must be brought up for public debate. It is the most inhuman project ever to have been developed as a political development, intended to involve all and every one of us.

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