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Nano Augmentation: A Reality!

Nano Augmentation: A Reality?

Complete Introduction in Establishing Augmentation & Communication Process Through Artificial Nano Implant Digital Circuit Interface

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But processing the word in the scientific sense, it means modulating the Physical world with which we interact and moulding it with cyber interface. Speaking more specifically, augmenting means connecting the physical world and the digital world real time.

Read moore on: http://gravito.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/nano-augmentation-a-reality-check/

Communication Process:

Given above is communication process that happens between Nano Implant and the VR application. The connected implant picks up the EM signatures or signals generated from the brain cortex or target dendrite. These electrical signals are then digitized, processed in real time, translated to the application signal and then finally, the signal commands are transferred to the said VR application via Wi-Fi in the form of Radio waves. The reverse happens in case we want a feedback from the VR application. The received Wi-Fi or radio wave signal is converted into the electrical form, and then fired back into the neurotic network or the targetted dendrite via Implant’s Communication Module. Henceforth, a two way connecton is established almost seamlessly.

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