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Mind Control – Reference Articles
The articles and papers listed below are some of the materials we have recently utilized in our work.

Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World by Dr. Nick Begich
US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights – by Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton
Advanced Neural Implants and Control – DARPA.
Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research – Defense Intelligence Agency
Paraphysics R & D Warsaw Pact – Defense Intelligence Agency
Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR Defense Intelligence Agency
Science & Technology for New DoD Capabilities
Interactive Neuronal and Nanoelectronic/photonic Circuits
Darpatech 2002 Symposium – Transforming Fantasy
Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars by Richard Alan Miller
USSR Hypnosis at a Distance Defense Intelligence Agency
Mind Control Information Center
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This page provides links to a variety of sources of reliable, verifiable information dealing with mind control. Our most basic material is listed first, followed by other resources which delve deeper for those interested in more. We recommend reading through this entire page before exploring the links provided. Wepresents this mind control information as an opportunity for you to educate yourself and others, and to inspire us to work together to strengthen democracy and build a brighter future for us all.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, one of several installments regarding the apparent truth of the secret attacks upon thousands of known victims from across the nations, not to mention the hundreds of reports from countries. The anticipation is by symptoms that are new and that Doctors cannot explain are the very symptoms victims of covert implants have reported.
Magnus Olsson


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  1. A solution would be to have a satellite federation who all agree on events that place worldwide. Then implement airport scanners for hidden wireless cyber bio engineered devices with 2way operator capabilities.Then all implants have to be registered on the passport. The I.T. Server. The I.T Host. The I.T Programmers. The I.T (Neuro Linguistic Program and Neuro Associative Commands). Then a cyber security team can scan for any illegal mismatched communication to the person with the device.

    I live in NZ. In our country a clinician can make the decision to implant you but they have to do it with their consent. If you attend a psychiatric unit or home or prison, they can implant you. They have to do it with your consent though or if you have been put on a community treatment order. When they dont get your consent, it is illegal and unfortunately the government and ministers and commissioners can decline you any of your records and use gagging laws.

    People are coming forward and have said they were implanted in welfare homes, prisons, hospitals, mental institutes, without their permission and have no recollection of the operation taking place but to their discovery they were in the institutes when 2way programmers began experimenting with them.

    It is really sad as they told most of these patients that through their actions, they were responsible for a person committing suicide and so they should commit suicide by hanging. The game is called Hangman.

    These people have I.P. addresses that equipment can pick up. You just need the equipment and a registrar to receive the information and log it in and use all this information for an enquiry.