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Big Brother and the brain reading computers

Big Brother and the brain reading computers

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Within 5 years, IBM will come out with their new systems, which among others can read our thoughts and interact with our brains.

Many believe it’s science fiction but in reality it is a technology which is imminent. IBM  claims that said that there is something they want to publish about 5 years and according to them it will revolutionize the world. You mention 5 areas as they focus on and which they will work with over 5 years. The project is called “Five in Five”.

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It may seem as if it’s just a promotional video, but in fact, IBM has recently again been out and say  they will come with these brain-reading computers within a few years . In the clip up above, you can even hear them say that it is not science fiction, and that it actually is something that has been invented already.

This one kind of technology they started investigating back in 1970 and it has DARPA ever since tried to improve and eventually make perfect. One of the places where we see the first developments of this technology is in the military, which today can be controlled by mind.

Many believe it’s science fiction but in reality it is a technology which is imminent. IBM claims that said that there is something they want to publish about 5 years and according to them it will revolutionize the world. You mention 5 areas as they focus on and which they will work with over 5 years. The project is called “Five in Five”.

Lack of debate

There are already some of these products on the market and therefore it is necessary we have a greater knowledge of what is going on, but also begin to debate about it here and answer the ethical questions the technology has created.

Of course, like with other international pharmaceutical trials and behnadlinger be an understanding between doctor and patient as you are fully informed of the dangers, side effects, etc. But actually, there are also some completely other ethical questions that are more important in time where surveillance and state control increases .

This one technology can help that affect people’s personality and identity, and ultimately change the total.

Then there are all HUMAN experiments and the ethical and moral issues that come up there …

Big Brother state will be complete when the technology is here everyday and as bad as it sounds and affect the personality of people, so the technology will actually allow and read minds and break into one’s private thoughts.

There are also questions about whether this technology can be used to control people directly, but it’s certainly a question that must be investigated further.

When you take all the technology and transfer it into practice, we begin to be afraid and the authorities will surely love to use it. If you are naive might think it would be used to get information out of criminals and terrorists, but actually you can implant thoughts, etc., and thus make people guilty even though they are not.

Many of these scenarios have been up for sci-fi stories and the future as a TV series talks about is probably closer than we like .

For all the governments of European countries (About Mind Control)

One of the most powerful weapons are now targeting some of the civilian population during its development. The weapon is called brain implants and synthetic telepathy. Synthetic telepathy covers mind reading, and artificial intelligence. People who are involved in the development of invasive imaging of the brain and nervous system without their consent has no legal protection, no human rights, and no medical help. Instead of receiving protection diagnosed these people to suffer from a mental illness. Research is conducted 24 / 7 over the aging process.

The most frightening implications of this technology is the serious risk that it facilitates totalitarian control of humans.

It is alarming to governments in this emerging technology masks the effects of the illegal research behind the incorrect diagnosis, that the victims suffer from a mental illness.

Nazi torture in concentration camps with the miniaturization of electronics has moved directly into people’s brains to copy the brain signalsysstem, a procedure that takes the lives of many people who can not keep. It’s about a chip that works as a search engine / ESM systems in the brain. This feature can be “Googling” your memories, read minds just before consciousness and copy your feelings. The chips are described in the future be used to “Googling” directly with the brains of tomorrow’s Internet. The scheme is to give people an expanded memory, be a communication system for the military and an escort system for Alzheimer’s disease.

To retrieve information directly from the brain to evaluate it is called by Swedish professors for alternative nanotechnology diagnostics. The diagnosis affects strangely successful people, this may be because the technology is being abused?

Should it be accepted that automated monitoring of self-learning, computers and brain implants with synthetic telepathy can drive people to suicide?
This technology changes the man’s integrity, identity and autonomy.

Should scientists and government representatives who are aware of this research to obtain further confidence when they are aware that these technologies developed through research on civilians without their consent?

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  1. I would love to have a clinic and take out implants and since no one is owning up to them, rip them off and remodel devices where the person has the computer, software, and cyberware and I.T. host to make it hack free, user friendly and safe. THEN THE ACTUAL PRODUCERS AND MANUFACTURERS CANT CLAIM FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OR COPYRIGHT COS I WOULD OF RIPPED THEM OFF.

  2. AND IF I CAUGHT THEM USING THE DEVICE I WOULD FINE THEM AND SUE THEM FOR DAMAGES. The advice I can offer to sufferers is check your power box. Some Video Surveilance Laws allow Police and Surveilance Units to add a surveilance box that runs concealed amps and sends pulsed microwave transmissions to slow your internet down and intercept calls and have their service providers take over to slow you down.. If so then record all the disturbance and make a collection of you tube. Thats what I do and the operators get in alot of trouble because they talk about Political Figures. They did a background check on me and thought I was a Manchurian Candidate. I discovered they make suggestions to provoke the imagery. If it was a science it would of been an approved science. It is not a science because it is not approved.