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SWEDEN…”Mind Control by the Police and Military”

Research goal is to develop applications for military and commercial use.
This revolution in communications will eventually be revealed. United has announced this research area 2008th Swedish citizens have been victims of automatic view recognition as a form of machine learning via brain implants since 2005.
The exercise is personal persecution through “multi-media technology” with the scientific network LOIS also described as e-science.
The police and military have no knowledge of the new communication technologies. People injected with large-scale “nano radio” in Swedish hospitals for these technologies are being developed.
Human-machine integration is one of the world’s fastest growing areas of research, the potential for abuse, violation and humiliation of human beings is enormous. As long as SWEDICH government did not allow themselves to be informed and act in the matter of government and with Sweden’s leadership in the area blamed the human rights conventions are no longer applicable. Swedish democracy is elimination.

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  1. Andro T May 4th 2010  

    First, we have to remember that all sensory data we experience is converted into electrical signals that the brain can process. The brain does a very good job of this, and we in turn experience these inputs as subjective awareness (namely through consciousness and feelings of qualia); our perception of reality is therefore nothing more than the brain’s interpretation of incoming sensory information.

    Now imagine that you could stop this sensory data at the conversion point and replace it with something else.

  2. Ingrid Larssen May 7th 2010  

    Ingrid Larssen 4 January, 2010
    I have a very interesting story to tell regarding science/technology and a night visit/science experiment performed (without consent) why – its a long story. Said individual came to Agencies attention when contacted Anti-Terrorist Hotline and descovered her wistleblowing was of great interest to them. They descended (Agencies) for 18 mths and said individuals life was turned upside down. Why – contact me & I’ll tell you. Feeling used, abused and trampled on. The covert operation left said individual alone at sea and uninformed. I have a lot to get off me chest – contact me a give me a chance to tell my story, only you will need a very open mind.

  3. Aritus Kummu Aug 2nd 2010  

    Hunman right

    mind-control in Thailand. Killpeople
    in Thailand.nano radio microwave impant.
    This is the ability to read peoples’ minds from a distance.mind-control technology.Victims of mind control experimentation.

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