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Mind Control,The Mind Uploading (reverse engineering the brain) – Targeted Individuals Europe

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Not yet published research materials in interdisciplinary brain research and development of computer-brain interface must therefore be attributed to an unknown number of defenseless experimental subjects, many with families whose lives are destroyed in a wild orgy of computer abuse.This is to copy the cognitive behaviors and human perception in the development of quantum physics.Try The items have no options or informed consent, served as on-line research materials on aging. Green brain 202    

Brain Implants and miniaturized Signal Analysis System is implanted in people without their informed consent, in hospitals all over Europe. The systems are used to clone, and make an artificial copy of the human life, including their nervous system, memory, learning and emotions. This type of illegal research of are impossible to detect. This crimes can continue because yet there is no technology that can detect bioelectronics/neuroelectronics in nano size.   The artificial intelligence which performs the majority of the research work, is programmed as a war machine that does not hesitate from any means in order to improve its learning and cloning of a human. This intelligence acquire continuously, more and more unreasonable arguments for continuing its work to grow, including the use of gross physical and mental abuse in an attempt to uphold ”companionship” with the person who is under intrusion. This is also a war between humans and the new computer brains.



•  Telemetry using multiple modes or frequencies so that one carrier can transmit a short distance with it
being processed to another capable of longer range telemetry.
•  Real time interaction that includes stimulation and recording from the human nervous system
•  Audio and video conferencing are integrated into the system that displays the EEG, EMG and other
data allowing Schulman, Loeb and Troyk to simutaneously interact with the system and each other
•  A closed loop mode that has a “default” stimulus parameter loaded into memory for each electrode so
that if the subject being monitored breaks the telemetry link, he will still be subject to electrical
stimulation because power can be derived and stored into the capacitor from the Tantalum capacitorelectrode/bodily tissue electrolyte interface.

Link to  Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research Funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation

Nano Implant 2000

Nano Implant 2000

Nano Implant 2000

Nano Implant 2000

David A. Larsons case:     http://www.raven1.net/lrr.pdf

        Concluding on, we can say that even with the sheer risks involved, the endless possibilities poised by Nano Augmentation couldn’t be ignored. It addresses the current bulky problems posed by traditional interface, and adds much needed functionalities.Implants would communicate directly with human nerves with the help of bio sensors and direct targeting of human cortex, making it one of the fastest implants. Some problems might arise, especially in the means of Information Overflow and Hardware Control. However none of them are problems that cant be addressed. Nano Augmentation would completely change the standard of living, with the sheer information exchange making the global village even smaller. It would connect us in unison and perhaps erase the political boundaries altogether. With Nano Technology and Digital Augmentation being the newest technological rage, it’s only imperative that the combined usage of Nano Augmentation would perhaps be the most fruitful discovery of our times.



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