Synthetic Telepathy-Universithy-carlifornia U.S.A

California, August 13, 2009

Scientists develop communication based on thoughts, not speech.

syntethic telepathy

A team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded $ 40 million in grants from the U.S. Army Research Office to study neuroscience and signal processing for the development of synthetic telepathy.

Research can be as senior researcher Michael D’Zmura, chairman of the UCI Department of Cognitive Science lead to a communication system that could benefit soldiers on the battlefield and help paralyzed and stroke patients

Thanks to the generous grant we can now work with experts in automatic speech recognition and brain imaging at other universities for research on a brain-computer interface for the military and for medical and commercial applications, “said D’Zmura.

A brain-computer interface would use a noninvasive brain imaging and electroencephalography to let people communicate with each other through thoughts. For example, a soldier would “think” a message sent to a computer-based speech recognition, which decodes the EEC signals.

The decoded thoughts / translated brain waves are then transferred through a system that points towards the intended target.

“A system like this would require a comprehensive education / training for all who use it to send and receive messages,” says D’Zmura.

“Originally this was based communications on a limited number of words or phrases again kännsdes of the system, if the new technology develops further, it could involve a more complex language and speech”

D’Zmura will collaborate with UCI cognitive science professors Ramesh Srinivasan, Gregory Hickok and Kourosh Saberi. With the team are researchers Richard Stern and Vijayakumar Bhagavatula from Carnegie Mellon University and David Poeppel from the University of Maryland.

The grant comes from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative programs’ conditions supports research involving more than one science and engineering discipline. Its goal is to develop applications for military and commercial use.

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